Chiranjeevi might feeling sorry now: Jeevita

Dr. Rajashekar couple could not conclude any of their programmes without passing a comment against their beloved enemy Chiranjeevi While participating in live show conducted by a private News Channel yesterday they said that, “Perhaps, Chiranjeevi might be feeling sorry now for his Unified Andhra stand. He doesn’t have enough political experience to access and judge the current political situation of the state. That’s why he made a wrong step. If, he knows the consequences of his decision, we are sure that he will not go like that. But, it is too late to regret."

"He is extensively touring the rest of the state demanding for Unified Andhra, which we believe is a useless thing. We suggest him that if he tours in the Telangana region and convince his agitating fans with his preaching for Unified Andhra then it would be a wise thing. But, he is touring where there is no requirement to preach the people about his stand.”

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