Whenever there is some hectic political activity, Dr. Rajashekar and his wife Jeevita appears on TV Channels without any delay. Once again after a long gap they have appeared in News Channel Studio to express their opinion on Andhra-Telangana issue.
KCR is a worst politician
They have said that, “Worst politicians like KCR surfaces only because Telangana problems were not addressed properly since last 50 years. All the leaders and politicians turned blind eye on Telangana problems. Whoever leads the Telangana agitation has used it for their political growth. That’s why leaders like KCR surfaced.”

Settlers need to assured of safety

“Even now if Telangana problems were addressed properly and if they accepts to stay united, we prefer for Unified Andhra. But, if they are not willing to stay together we think separating the state is inevitable. However, Andhra and Rayalaseema people settled in twin cities are feeling quite insecure with the ongoing agitation. Leaders and politicians who are agitating for Telangana should assure their safety. We also came from Chennai and settled here. Whether, the state separates or not we will live here only and do not run away from here fearing attacks.”

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