Nag and Raghavendra Rao misused the lands: Jeevita

Nag occupied govt. lands?
No one else in the film industry except Dr. Rajashekar couple might have dared to pass comments against veteran Director Raghavendra Rao, Nagarjuna , Jr.NTR and Mohan babu. Speaking to a News Channel yesterday they have opined that “TRS attacks on Mahesh Babu Film shooting takes place, because the TRS workers might have negative feelings about his father Nagarjuna who was allegedly occupied the Government lands.”

Raghavendra Rao misused the land
Speaking about Director Dr. Raghavendra Rao the actor couple said that “He has misused the site given to him by the Government. He has build a Commercial Complex in the site, where as it is meant for constructing a Film Studio. TRS thinks that film makers from Andhra and Rayalaseema areas have overpowered the Telangana people by occupying their precious lands and chasing them away from their ancestor’s place. That’s why they are angry on Tollywood people, which is mainly dominated by them only.”

Mohan Babu makes Provocative speeches
When asked to comment about the attacks on Manoj’s film shooting Dr.Rajashekar opined that it is because of his father Mohan Babu’s stand for Unified Andhra. “He and his daughter Lakshmi Prasanna are making very provocative statements these days. TRS workers were angry for his stand and fumed with his provocative statements. They keep attacking all others who are shooting their films in Telangana region, only because of such provocative statements. First of all Mohan Babu should not make such statements. If he is feeling himself as film personnel then he should not involve in political matters and confine to film industry only.”

Attacks because NTR belongs to TDP
Speaking about the TRS attack on Jr.NTR’s film shooting, Dr Rajashekar and Jeevita opined that it happens because the TRS workers see him representing TDP party, which is still not comes open with stand on Telangana issue. So far, TDP did not reveal whether they support Unified Andhra or Separate Telangana. That’s why TRS is angry with NTR whom they feel belongs to Unified Andhra side.

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