Swami Nityananda with Actress Ragasudha Video

The Sun news Flash News is about “Swami Nithyananda Scam”. There is a video of Swamy Nityananda having sex with a successful Tamil actress. This mysterious video has been emitted on a proficient Tamil Channel SUN TV which telecasted it live. “Swami Nithyananda Scam” includes Nithyananda and the top Tamil artist whose initial alphabet of the name starts with “R”. The proficient actress is kept under veil in the suspicious video.

Read more: http://www.ganpatinews.com/2010/03/02/sun-news-live-telecast-swami-nithyananda%E2%80%99s-scandal-video-with-a-famous-tamil-actress-ranjitha-73017#ixzz0h6nlAydl

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