Swami Nithyananda lands in sex scandal

Bangalore, Mar 3: After Kalki Bhagavan's scam, Swami Nityananda's sex scandal has surfaced shaking the country's faith in the religious leaders and godmen, who are treated equivalent to gods by their followers.

Buzz up!
A footage showing the Swamiji in compromising position with a popular Tamil actress was released by Sun News on Tuesday, Mar 2, leading to violence at the Swamiji's ashrams.

The video clearly shows that the man is Swami Nithyananda. However, the woman's face is blurred and the identity of the actress is yet to be confirmed.

The video, which came as a massive shock to the godman's followers, has led to widespread protests. In Coimbatore, angry followers took to streets and vandalised property.

As per local reports, the Swami's Ashram in Karnataka's Bidadi is also seeing similar scenes.

This comes just a day after a Telugu News Channel TV9 exposed a scam by Vijay Kumar Naidu or Kalki Bhagavan and Amma Bhagavan.

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