Is Vijay's Sura a remake of a Mallu movie

The news details that, Vijay, who always wanted to give a super hit movies, plays very safe and prefers to go for remakes.

The news went on to compare Jeyam Ravi and his brother Jeyam Raja with Vijay and claims, even the brothers fail with Vijay in the case of copy cat works.

Vijay's Sura is a copy/remake work of Malayalam superhit Chotta Mumbai. To make something different and to mask the copy identity, it is said that Vijay has included Telugu superhit Arya II movie also.

Vijay initially thought of remaking the Telugu movie Arya II, but the masala of Telugu movies are not accepted in Tamil and at the same time drama type movies of Malayalam are also not accepted here... so Vijay has mixed a Malayalam movie with Telugu - a perfect cocktail to make a Tamil movie.

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Sura Going to be a Huge Success