Danush is particular to have Tamanna as his pair

While Danush wants only Tamanna to pair with him, Tamanna taking this opportunity has made her salary above 10 million mark.

Tamanna is in great demand now in Kollywood. Most of the actors wants her to be their pair. Adding more value for her, she will be the pair for Kamal in his next movie.

Tamanna did a small research in finding out how other babes in Kollywood were able to shine as No 1. She did a deep research on Nayanthara and found that Nayans dance with Rajini got her that place. She too is so adament to pair with Rajini in his next project. She is putting lots of pressure on her manager to get that opportunity. She is now ready to give anything of hers if there is any one who can get her an opportunity to pair with Rajini.

Tamanna is also targeting Telugu industry, as she feels even if Kollywood fails to support her, it will be Tollywood which will hold her up.

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