Bhavana laughs at marriage

Bhavana’s answer is a big no to reports that she would be entering wedlock soon. “I still have a long way to go in my acting career. So there is no question of marrying someone now,” says the ‘Asal’ actress.

“My parents are well aware of my ambitions. So they are in no hurry for my marriage. I will be officially making an announcement in front of the media if my wedding is fixed. So please don’t believe rumours on my marriage,” she says.

Claiming that some meaty offers are coming her way post ‘Asal’, the bubbly actress adds, “I have listened to a couple of storylines. I will sign the dotted lines if I am convinced about my character. You can expect an official announcement soon.”

Bhavana is currently acting in a Kannada film titled ‘Jackie’. On her ‘Asal’ hero Ajith, she says, “He has a wide range of interests and knowledge of books, movies, life and many more subjects. He was very co-operative and simple too.”

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