‘Nai Kutty’ ready to come out

After many difficulties, V A Durai, the executive producer of ‘Baba’ and producer of ‘Pithamagan’, is ready to release ‘Nai Kutty’. Directed by Sadhaji, the film features newcomer Selvan and Nicole in lead roles.

“The film has been facing problems right from the initial stage. It was supposed to be directed by another director, but he failed to attend even the launch function. Another hero was about to act, but he too opted out,” says Durai.

“We reviewed the whole project and with Sadhaji coming in to wield the megaphone, we managed to sort out all the problems,” he says and adds: “Selvan had given a matured performance, while Nicole sets the screen on fire. Vijaya Bharthy's music is another highlight.”

On the film, he says, “Nai Kutty is a tale of a youth brought up in a Chennai slum. Realism and commercial elements are in a right mix. All credits go to Sadhaji and the entire cast and crew of the movie.”

Interestingly, Durai has settled the salaries of Nai Kutty’s cast and crew even before the film hit the screens. “Because, I am extremely happy with the result,” he says.

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