It’s final: Nagarjuna is K.D

It is K.D for Nagarjuna. After mulling over several titles like Rummy and Mosagadu, hero Nagarjuna and producer D Shiva Prasad Reddy has officially announced that K.D. has been selected as the title for their current movie. At a special press meet held today (November 30, 2009), hero Nagarjuna, producer Shiva Prasad Reddy, new director Kiran, and actor Ankur spoke about the film.

Several titles..and final winner..

“We have selected this title K.D as it sounds good and as well it suits to the character. Another reason is that we wanted to put Rummy first but as it came in the media, some producers registered on their banner. And later we thought of putting Mosagadu, as soon as I was told this to my producer, it came in websites, another producer registered it and demanded us Rs 14 Lakhs to confer the title to us. So Shiva Prasad Reddy and I decided not to discuss the title on the sets lest it leaks. That is how we are officially announcing the title K.D here,” Nagarjuna revealed the reason behind the title. It should be remembered that was the first to report about Mosagadu title and also about its release date in January.

No sentiments..

Nagarjuna also said that he never had sentiments like releasing the movie in December, etc. It is only media created as it sounds good. “I started the trend of releasing my movies in December just because long holidays could fetch good openings and collections. Now everyone is following and too many releases are happening, so I asked Shiva Prasad Reddy to release it in January and then he said that year 2010 is Silver Jubilee year for his banner. So we immediately fixed to release it on January 2010,” Nagarjuna clarified.

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