Heroine's Parallel Affair With Other Man

There are two reasons why the angel of beauty Katrina Kaif is often famous for, one is Salman Khan and the other is her link ups. Well, every other time, the pretty girl gets linked up with her stars and recently, it was the young and boyishly charming Ranbir Kapoor.

Now, there is a gossip in Bollywood that Katrina also running something with SRK. It is also said that they have teamed up for producing a film. Simultaneously, the gossip of an affair with Akshay has been a common talk there. But the thing with SRK is a new twist in the tale.

SRK is known to be a ferocious person but he has been silent about it. While some say that it is his maturity on not reacting. And then there are those who buzz that maybe there is an element of truth in it, that’s why he is quiet. The truth will be out soon.

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