"Am I in love with Simbhu" speaks out Trisha

Almost after 6 years, it is now again a gossip that Trisha and Simbhu are in love!

Is that true? Like you, this reporter's mind also raised this same question and hence went to meet Trisha and Simbhu separately.

After Alai, yet again Trisha and Simbhu are paring for the movie Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya. Here is where, the love game has started - according to the sources which claim about the love.

Lets hear what Trisha says about the news

"I am in this Kollywood for more than 7 years. During my initial stages, these kind of rumours used to upset me. But now I am used to this and never care about these rumours as they are created by idiotic people. "

HosurOnline asked her for a direct reply, whether she is in love with Simbhu or not. She said "I don't want to take my time to say "No.. not at all"."

She also added "Comparing to Kollywood, there is very less people who indulge in such rumour mongering"

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