Villagelo Vinayakudu Telugu Movie Review

It can be said that, in months, Villagelo Vinayakudu is one neat film that comes as a whiff of fresh air. A story with good entertainment values, it is targeted at every kind of audience and all age groups. Be it the sugar rush Saranya's bristling smile gives us or the innocent love she shares with her fatso lover boy Krishnudu, the light humour and the East Godavari essence, Villagelo... is entertaining in every aspect.

This one is a family entertainer and a love story that holds us to the seats despite being predictable. Sai Kiran, the director who hails from the Shekar Kammula school, does it again. In fact, he betters himself from his debut film Vinayakudu.

Coming to the story, Karthik (Krishnudu) is a brilliant Science student who secured 8th rank in the EAMCET, but has chosen to teach kindergarten kids. Kavya (Saranya), who is the daughter of the retired military officer Rao Ramesh, is a doctor by profession. They have been in love with each other for some days now, and Krishnudu is forcing her to tell her father the truth of their love. Saranya has been trying to let her father know of the affair since a year, but fear of rejection is stopping her. She tavels to her native village as she completes her medicine course and starts to introduce Karthik the Ram Charan, Karthik the NTR, Karthik the Mahesh Babu, except Karthik the Fatso. Family (minus the disciplinarian father) is dumbfounded upon seeing Karthik, when he suddenly appears in their aesthetically-rich house. Her father knows him only as a friend and nothing more. Intially reluctant to help the girl, they accept him gradually. The crux is to convince the father, who has a definite idea of her lovely daughter's ideal life-partner.

As Karthik tries to impress upon Rao Ramesh, one is reminded of Genelia's Hasini's (Bommarillu) ever-failing tantrums. Yet Vinayakudu is seems absolutely fresh. Unlike the puerile Hasini, Karthik is a mature individual who looks like a dimwit. Heroine's character is equally well-conceived. The heart-warming camaraderie the pair exude on the screen is the film's plus. Scenes like the one in which Krishnudu educates Divya (heroine's sister) to let her feelings known to her parents or where he equates ideal personalities like Lord Ram with parents, are superb. His Bongulo Chicken tastes good.

Dialogue (by Ramana Salva and Adivi) adds special flavour to the pace. Peformances of everyone is adequate. Yandamuri Veerendranath's character as the father's friend is humorous. Bharat as the fit military officer does justice. Special mention has to be made about Manikanth Kadri's music: Chinukai varadai... makes you float in air. His background score lends a levity feel to the movie. Vanamali's lyrics are natural. This film is watchable with the entire family and is devoid of violence or cheap comedy. The film will be a clear success in A and B class centers.

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