Jayeebhava Telugu Movie Review

Energetic star Nandamuri Kalyanram has been looking for a hat trick with his third venture since it is from his home banner. Whether he was able to fulfill his goal or not, let us see.

Ram (KalyanRam) lives his life abroad from a long time and the reason for that is his father Bhavani Shankar (Mukesh) who is a dreaded person in India. However, he does good for the people but has a rival in Narasimha (Jayaprakash reddy). Whenever they clash, the issue is settled by the big don Yadu (ashish) who lives in Hong Kong. However, Bhavani’s father (Chalapathi rao) calls Ram to come to India. He also reveals that both Bhavani and Narasimha were best friends once upon a time but got separated due to the evil plans of Yadu. Ram decides to teach Yadu a lesson and goes to Hong Kong. He is successful in his attempt and also falls in love with Anjali (Hansika), fashion designer. He returns to India and so does Anjali. However, they realize that Anjali is the daughter of Narasimha. Ram hatches a plan and he decides to get the sworn enemies together. Whether he is successful or not forms the rest of the story.

It is a story that is mixed with comedy and there is not much of seriousness. The real credit for the movie goes to the presentation as it was made with good approach however the narrative could have been better. The dialogues were alright, script was written but it could have been held tightly, screenplay was fast.

Background score was suitable and songs were racy and fast, two songs were good. The real hero of the film is the cinematography which looked stylish and hep. Editing was okay but it could have been better. Costumes were nice, art department was impressive in songs. Fights were upto the mark.

Kalyanram was regular with his act and there is not much emotional expression in him, his body language needs to be filled with more energy levels.

Hansika was truly gorgeous and she is looking stunning. Her glamour show is quite a feast to the eyes.

Mukesh Rishi had a laid back performance, Jayaprakash Reddy was standard, Ashish Vidyarthi did justice to his role. The comedy department played a good role with Raghu Babu, Ali, Brahmanandam doing a fine job. Venu Madhav was repetitive, Hema was brief, Duvvasi Mohan was okay. The others did as required.

The film finds traces of its storyline from hits like ‘Ready’ ‘Dhee’ etc. Though the overall presentation was quite stylish and modern, it is the quality of the script that lacked the depth to strike a chord with the audience.

The first half of the film goes in a rather mild manner and the second half is worth a watch. The makers should have focused on giving flavor to the romance track between the lead pair and also give a gripping climax.

Both didn’t happen here. Comedy was the savior for the film and technical aspects. This will appeal to the mass audience to an extent and it would take some aggressive publicity if the makers are looking for a sure shot success.

Average entertainer which could have been better.

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