Arya 2 'Ringa Ringa' Song Hitting Mass Audience

The Telugu folks always have a special space for songs and music in their lives that is one reason why anything that is creative and peppy gets the maximum response. Right now, one song has begun to rule the roost and it has raced to the top in the chartbusters.

We are talking about the song ‘Ringa Ringa’ and this is from the film ‘Arya 2’ which is gearing up for release. Apparently, the song has become a big craze among the youth and it has caught up like a fever for them. Telugu Movie News

‘Ringa Ringa…’ has beaten all numbers like ‘Amma Ledu Naanna Ledu’ from ‘Ek Niranjan…’ to ‘Ravanamma…’ from ‘Bumper Offer’ and taken the top slot. Now, it is being seen that youngsters are putting the songs in car stereo in a loud manner and are dancing on roads. This is surely giving the film a good kick even before it is releasing.

Best Tollywood 2009 Mass Audio Songs are "Ravanamma" from Bumper Offer, "Amma Ledu Nanna Ledu" from Ek Niranjan and "Ringa Ringa" song from Aray2.

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