Bava Telugu Movie Review

STARRING : Siddharth, Rajendra Prasad, Pranthi and others

MUSIC : Chakri

: 29th October 2010

Young lover boy hero Siddharth comes back after a not so successful run at the box office with his last two films. He naturally has some high expectation from his new film. Let us see how he has fared with the new film 'Baava'


First things first the story is neither a novel nor new. So if you think that you are going to see something different then you could be in disappointment.The story is about a young boy Veera Babu (Siddharth). He is the son of Rajendra Prasad. Like most young boys of his age, Veera Babu is also a carefree and spoilt brat. He gives a damn for others and with his group of friends creates all kinds of trouble in the village.The hero meets the heroine Varalakshmi (Pranitha) and it is only natural that love blossoms between the two. Varalakshmi is the daughter of a rich man Ahuthi Prasad. He is so conscious of his wealth and status that he only talks with people who are equal to him in wealth.

Ahuthi wants to get his daughter married to Taniekella's son but the boy is a crook. When Varalakshmi realizes that Veera Babu is her Baava she marries him in a temple.The next logical thing is marriage but as usual there is a flashback and Rajendra Prasad is actually related to Varalakshmi. What is the link and how it helps or mars the prospect of the hero's marriage with the heroine is the suspense element in the film and it should be watched as the drama unfolds on the screen.


Siddharth as usual is full of live. He is jovial, smart, adoring etc. etc. Siddharth does a good job and his dubbing too is quite okay.

Pranitha is hot and can also perform well. So she is sure to bag a few more roles after this film.

Rajendra Prasad is one of the senior most actors in the industry and his experience is evident at the way he carries his role in the film. He is very apt for the role of the hero's father.

Ahuthi Prasad has a lengthy role and he carries it with the required passion. Samrat does a good job in a negative role. The others from Tanikella to Kasi Viswanath and Raghu Babu were okay.

The groups of Siddhartha's friends manage to raise some laughter. The comedy by Ali and Brahmanandam, a spoof on Varudu is good at the beginning but fizzles out later.

Baava is a routine film but there is some freshness in the overall product. Part of this is due to the good cinematography and beautiful locales. The music by Chakri is adequate and a couple of songs are hummable.

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