Shadow advertising for Varudu

The producers council for Telugu film industry laid firm guidelines to restrict publicity done by producers in print and electronic media. The producers can’t issues more than a quarter page of advertisement (the number of ads are also limited). Danayya – producer of Varudu – has done something politically correct to grab maximum attention for Varudu. Kalamandir which acts as media partner for Varudu issued a full-page advertisement of Kalamandir’s collection which features the trademark photo of Varudu. Each of this full-page color advertisement cost Kalyan (owner of Kalamandir) Rs. 3.5 lacs. Kalyan says that he has used Allu Arjun as a model for his wedding collections. The producers council has taken it as a violation of guidelines. They feel that it is a profitable proposition for producer to pump 20 lacs in and get a full page color ad in all daily newspapers. We have to wait and see whether the trend set by Varudu movie will be nipped in the budding stage or not.

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