Prithviraj – Mani Ratnam unique feature

Prithviraj has the unique distinction of working under a director who has directed his father Sukumaran also 25 years ago. And if the director is someone like Mani Ratnam, Prithviraj can feel proud of his profession all his life.

Prithviraj’s father Sukumaran was a famous actor in Malayalam for three decades from the seventies. With films like ‘Vilkkanundu Swapnangal’ Sukumaran was in the big league when Mani Ratnam started his career as a director in the eighties.

Mani Ratnam’s second film of his career was ‘Unaru’ in Malayalam. The film was about the labour trade union parties and their problems in Kerala. Sukumaran played an important role in the film. Now after 25 years Mani Ratnam is directing Prithviraj in ‘Raavan’. What a journey it had been.

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