Mahesh Babu wants a Magadheera

Of all the big stars in Tollywood Mahesh Babu who has only been deprived of a decent hit in recent Given this scenario, the actor has been very selective with what you do in the afternoon and was limited to a select list of first directors line.
But despite all this that is willing to make a big budget film in Magadheera lines.

Mahesh himself is interested in developing a project is always a competent director, with a proper argument. The news of inside information is that a large-scale film, has many off-shoots and the advantages and surely a lot of money. Given the fact that Mahesh has an imposing personality of a film on the lines of “Braveheart” could adapt to it.

Mahesh great enthusiasm for the project has moved many a director, are preparing the appropriate scripts to suit him. Mahesh can be the one that suits best.

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