To make the scene HOT, they put chillies

All these days, making the babe to show all the skin was considered HOT, but to prove that Kollywood is going made... here is a news

Importing Mumbai babes to make the scene HOT is a old fashion it seems in the case Kollywood.

For a change, Thiru, the director of Vishal's Theeratha Vilayaattu Pillai, thought of making a scene too... too hot as he had paid three babes to show their skins.

Just making Neethu Chandra to wear a bit of cloth, does not satisfied him and so he discussed with his assistance and Vishal for couple of days (room pottu yOsich-chaanga).

Finally he came with an idea that in a tank, he will fill chillies and make Neetu to neenthu.

Neetu, too agreed as the director agreed to put only plastic chillies in the tank.

Neethu, wearing a bit of cloth swim in the tank of chillies and poured all sexy movements looking at Vishal.

Mumbai babes are afraid, after hearing this story as one of them says 'If they want something like FIRE, will Kollywood demand the babe to enter a real fire'

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