Ramba's betrothel by tomorrow

Ramba came into Kollywood through 'ULLaththai ALLiththaa' and she is said to be the last actress to marry of her time.

Ramba, who was said to have attempted suicide as she was not able to find a suitable man for herself, went to Canada for a ad shooting. The Ad shooting is for a firm called Magic Wood. In Canada she was made to stay in the house of Magic Wood's proprietor Indiran.

As she mingled with Indiran who is in his 37, Indiran's parents arranged the marriage.

Indiran has already presented a car to Ramba which is worth more than 10 million Rupees as a gift for the mingling.

The betrothel will be held at Park Sheraton Hotel in Chennai. To be noted here is that only Thozil Athibars are invited to the fuction and the media is asked to be out from the place.

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