Rajini’s emotional gift to Kamal

Admiration is something that ‘Superstar’ Rajinikanth receives naturally because of his deeds and actions. In one such action, he has proved yet again that he’s not only a superstar but also a true friend.

The friendship about Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan is incredible and all of us know it. They have acted in many movies together and both consider director K. Balachandar as their mentor. During a function to facilitate Kamal’s fifty years in the film industry, Rajini had reportedly said that all the actors were ‘children of the Goddess of Art’, but ‘Kamal was so special that the Goddess had carried him in her own arms and let the other actors follow her’. This speech of Rajini had indeed received a lot of applause from the audience and the guests and especially Kamal who turned emotional by saying Rajini is his closest friend in the Tamil industry.

While that speech of Rajini would have been forgotten by many, sources say the ‘superstar’ apparently had called a reputed artist to his house to paint what he felt about the description of Kamal with the Goddess of Art. He had expressed his feelings and told his idea of how the painting can be portrayed. Rajini wanted the painting to include superstars from other industries as well and wanted them to be depicted as children. After a few days, the artist had come up with his version and Rajini was awestruck seeing it. He was so grateful to the artist and he immediately packed the painting and sent it to Kamal’s office. Sources say that after Kamal opened the package he was so happy to see the painting which made him feel so special. Apparently there was a telephonic conversation between the two, where Kamal was reported to have told Rajini, he was moved by this gesture.

The painting has Goddess of Art carrying Kamal in her arms, and superstars Rajinikanth, Amitabh Bachchan, Mohanlal, Kannada superstar Vishnuvaradhan and Telugu megastar Chiranjeevi as kids who are playing and following them. Only photos of two stalwarts of Tamil Cinema hang on Kamal’s walls and they are Sivaji Ganesan and Nagesh. Now he has another painting and that too from a special friend. A tale of friendship that all Tamil fans would love to see it blossom.

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