New song added to ‘Asal'

These are the times when films are getting chopped post release for various reasons mostly to make the film more crisp and interesting according to directors.

However, Sivaji Productions and Saran are doing just the opposite. Their just released ‘Asal’ film will have one more song added to it from this week.

The number 'Yengay Yengay....' which was there in the music album did not feature in the film as the makers initially felt that it would disturb the pace of the movie. Even the much talked about 'Em Thandhai...' was made to appear in parts to make it smooth.

At the audio launch Ajith said 'Yengay Yengay....' was his favourite song as it speaks about his life and journey, the insult and back-stabbings he encountered in his life. So Sivaji Productions has decided to satisfy Ajith fans by adding their ‘Thala’s beloved song.

This new addition has brought cheers to Ajith fans, and they say they will watch the film again to see the song. 'Yengay Yengay....' is penned by Vairamuthu and sung by S P Balasubramaniam.

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