Ilayaraja angry over Prakash Raj

Ilayaraja was upset when he understood that Prakash Raj was missing in a function organised for launch of the movie Kulesakaranum Koolippadaiyum.

The movie is being made by Siva, an important personality among Cinematographers.

Almost all the leading cine personalities were present and it was Prakash Raj who missed the show.

Angered over his absense, Ilayaraja started his speech by giving Vanakkam to Prakash Raj and adding a comment that it whould be nice to say Vanakkam to the people who miss the function, so that the meaning of Vanakkam will reach them properly.

Ilayaraja, to make the situation cool added that "Kulasekaran means - producers while Koolippadai means people like me"

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