Animated Lava-Kusa in Tamil

Tamil cinema hasn’t seen an animated film for a long long time. Now Kanipakam Creations and Rayudu Vision Media Ltd are jointly producing Lava-Kusa - The Warrior Twins that will release soon.

The film based on the legendary characters from the epic Ramayana has been made at an extravagant budget of Rs. 25 cr. The intention of the producers is to bring the mythological legend to the present generation. Directed by Dhavala Satya, it is produced by Rayudu V Sashank.

Speaking to the media, Satyam said the five colourful songs and the war scenes will be the specials in movie. The film has music by late L Vaidhyanadhan. Sadhana Sargam, Yesudas, Vijay Yesudas and Chitra have rendered their voices for the songs.

This film will be released in three languages – Tamil, Telugu and Hindi – this summer.

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