Who will be the Sankranthi winner?

We predicted that the January war was going to be one of the most exciting BO wars in recent times. It seems that with three big releases - Adurs, Namo Venkatesa and Sambho Siva Sambho, releasing in two shakes of a lamb’s tail come next week, the fight will begin. Which one is going to emerge victorious.

If measured from the yardstick of pre-release hype, Adurs and Namo Venkatesa both stand good chance to get high openings. There is no limit to what Adurs can earn in terms of first week collections obviously because it is planned for a big theatrical release, even in the overseas market. On the other hand, Namo Venkatesa is sure to get the maximum openings for a Venky film because for his fans among the family audience, it is not only hugely awaited but also the hype that it is an all-out comedy is going to work to its immense advantage.

The names of VV Vinayak and Sreenu Vaitla associated with these films is only going to benefit them the most. Also the entertainment-starved audience are sure to lap them up in a big way, whatever the talk they generate in the first week. NTR has huge mass appeal, while Venky’s 15-year old stardom is no less important. It will be a cut-throat competition between the two films.

Coming to Shambo Shiva Shambo, the Ravi Teja-starrer may not have generated the kind of hype it was expected to owing to the off colour look of the film, but it seems this story-based film is sure to unleash a surprise package. Elements like sensitive emotions spun around the values of friendship and sacrifice may attract the film audience.

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