Sambho Siva Sambho music launch

Music of Sambho Siva Sambho was launched at a function organized in Prasad Labs on the night of 2 January. Ravi Teja, Allari Naresh, Siva Balaji, Gopichand, Samudrakhani, Abhinaya, Sunil, Surya Teja, etc attended it.

Gopichand launched audiocassette and CDs and gave them to Ravi Teja, Allari Naresh & Siva Balaji.

Bellamkonda Suresh said, “I made a film titled Autograph with Ravi Teja as hero in the past. I got good recognition with that movie. Sambho Siva Sambho is a pure commercial entertainer
. This film is based on friendship. I would like to work with this director for another film. We are releasing this movie on 14 January.”

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