Eclipse earth won't see for 1033 years

New Delhi, Jan. 3 -- The longest annular solar eclipse of the third millennium will occur on January 15.

There won't be an annular solar eclipse longer than this one till 3043. An annular eclipse is when the sun is visible like a ring of fire, with the moon darkening its centre.

The last annular solar eclipse visible from India was in 1976. Even then, it could only be seen from the northeast parts of Jammu and Kashmir.

""Most of India will be able to see partial phases of the eclipse which will first touch the western side and then travel in a northeasterly direction", according to Nehru Planetarium Director N. Rathnasree. The extreme southern parts and southern tip of Mizoram will be able to see the annular phases of the eclipse, she added.

In Mizoram, the eclipse will last from 12.18 pm to 3.32 pm, with an annular phase of three minutes from 2.03 pm. Delhi will only see a long partial eclipse from 11.53 am to 3.11 pm.

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