Chandrababu’s Money Mania Links Jr NTR Marriage

The most happening news is about the marriage of Jr NTR. It’s focused in big way because three big industries are involved. One is films (Jr NTR), other is politics (Chandrababu) and another is media (Studio N).

As Pranitha is the daughter of Studio N head, the focus is kept on her first. It is said that she is studying intermediate. No intermediate girl crosses 18 years of age. And no girl should be married before 18 years as per Law. As this marriage proposal is being carried by Chandrababu, is he encouraging child marriages? On the other hand there is another incident that brings suspicions if Chandrababu is making all this for money and acquiring new properties. Sources say that Lokesh Naidu is taking over Studio N. So is that the price taken by Chandrababu from Narne Srinivas, the Studio N head, for Jr NTR-Pranita marriage?

Inside sources clearly say that Jr NTR and his mother have agreed for this marriage only because, the girl and her family are humble and traditional. And Jr liked the girl by his heart. But Chandrababu is lifting political gains, properties and grip NTR with this marriage. And Chandrababu is anyway a close relative to Narne Srinivas.

Political circles say that Chandrababu couldn’t gain much with the marriage of Lokesh and Brahmani. Balakrishna couldn’t become a catalyst for TDP’s victory. Hence this time, Chandrababu has drawn sketch to own a TV channel by tightening relations with its head. Jr NTR is used as a dice in this, say many.

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