'3 Idiots' Into Telugu As 'Sneha Geetam '

It is known news that the Bollywood film ‘3 Idiots’ has been causing quite a mania at the box office and it is also heard that many top Tollywood heroes have been keen on remaking the film here. However, the latest news is that they have taken back this idea and here is the reason.

Apparently, the industry sources reveal that the film ‘Sneha Geetam’ which has become the talk of the season is said to have taken base with ‘3 Idiots’ and one can find almost similar flavor in this movie as well. The movie has three heroes and it also runs on a college backdrop and life after that. Telugu Movie News

The audio release happened a while ago and it has received a very good response. So if the movie also clicks then we have ourselves a new youthful entertainer. The film’s release date is expected to be announced soon so it looks like 2010 is going to bring some cheers to Tollywood.

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