Shyamprasad Reddy’s most awaited film will be at theatres on 18th Dcember.

A decade and more after Titanic director James Cameron hit turns the spotlight of fame on himself again. ‘Avatar’, the quadri-lingual film in French, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil is all set to hit the screens here on December 18. As for Andhra Pradesh, the distributor is B. Madhu, the man who produced ‘Tagore’ with Megastar Chiranjeevi and ‘Ghajini’ with Aamir Khan. He says the Telugu version was releasing on 200 screens with 150 prints. Multiplexes across the country are said to have upgraded their technology to screen this 3-D movie.

Producer Shyamprasad Mr. Reddy, who made ‘Arundhati’ most recently says, “I do not think I have ever waited so much for a film to release. And the high expectations are simply Because it comes from a man like James Cameron who made films like ‘Aliens’, ‘True Lies’, ‘Abyss’ and ‘Titanic’. “The 161-minute film is the most expensive in world history, costing a whopping Rs 2400 crore. The most expensive was the Telugu film Ramcharan Tej-starrer ‘Magadheera’, directed by SS Rajamouli that cost Rs 38 crore ….

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