Salman Khan's Veer in trouble again

Veer, the mega budget film of the year is having troubles more than one. Earlier, the buzz of creative difference between director Anil Sharma and Salman Khan was doing rounds, and now, location woes. The unit of Veer witnessed some tough time in London while shooting.

Apparently, the nightmare for Veer’s team started when they decided the location of sunflower
field for a shoot, but when the cast along with the crew reached the location hoping to see a field full of sunny sunflowers, they were astounded to see nothing but a barren landscape

The locals blamed a sudden change in the climate, which resulted in the disappearance of sunflower field, as all the plants had suddenly dried up. The shoot was scrapped but the director was adamant on having the same location for Veer.

And believe it or not, in three days flat, the sunflowers were back to their sunny state! Although, no one could have imagined that the sunflower field would be the same in three days, Bollywood is used to such unexpected surprises.

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