Salman and Ash relationship on the brink

Salman and Ash may be the best looking couple in the industry, but are they the happiest? According to the grapevine, there might just be a few cracks beneath their blissful façade. Apparently the two lovebirds were jigging at the Fire 'N Ice disco when a couple of males dared to cast their eyes upon Ash. Salman, the possessive fellow that he is, flexed his muscular mass and proceeded to give them a few of his famed 'dhishums' and took care of them once and for all. Apparently one of the eyewitnesses insists that Salman even gave Ash one swift slap, possibly for encouraging them! Though everybody is wondering why Ash quietly took the treatment, especially when she had stated that she 'would never submit to caveman tactics'! After all she can't always make excuses for bruised eyes with an accidental fall down some steps.

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