Poonam Bajwa says her pair is super

Poonam Bajwa who is pairing with Jeeva in the film Katcheri Arambam said,” Most of the scenes pertaining to me have been completed. This is not the usual heroine role.

This is the first time I am doing a role like this. In the first half I will be donning a different kind of role and in the second half I will be doing the just opposite role. I cannot say at this stage whether that role will be a negative one.

I had paired with Jeeva in Thennavattu and for the second time I am pairing with Jeeva in this film. Our pair has been received well among the audience. Even in this film the chemistry has worked out well. This film is not out and out action film but it also has comedy and sentiments.

Vadivelu is doing the comedy part. I am also acting with Vishnu in the film Drohi. There is a condition that I should not speak about Drohi so I am not in a position to speak about this film.”

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