MP Sachin Pilot in Paa in the form of Abhishek

Abhishek Bachchan not only plays Paa to his own father Amitabh Bachchan in Paa but also plays the character of a Member of Parliament in the film.

Sources inform that when Abhishek Bachchan took up the role, he wanted to look perfect as a politician in the film. So he adapted the mannerism of his politician friend Sachin Pilot for the role in the movie
. The steel rimmed spectacles, the long kurta pyjamas and the walk.”

“Abhishek and Sachin Pilot were friends when they studied together in the Boston University. Hence he knew how Sachin behaved and talked. He decided to use these mannerisms,” adds our source.

“Abhishek even called his friend Sachin and told him that he would be adapting his mannerisms in the film. And Sachin laughed and promptly replied, “Now that you are going to adapt my mannerism it better be good. I will watch the film.”

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