Hollywood dubbing movies ruling Tollywood

If you thought flicks dubbed in Telugu english movie made for hilarious viewing experience, here are a joke - Tollywood distributors who have bagged the rights for dubbing Hollywood films are actually laughing their way to the bank. Surprisingly, the dubbed version of the blockbuster, which in 2012 published in the state in 2012 Yugantham plus collections in second place at the box office this year, next only Magadheera! 2012 Yugantham raked in about Rs 3 crore in Nizam area alone and is still being successful across the state. Even if a few attributes its success to the buzz created around Doomsday, many feel that the films dubbed in Telugu are successful, thanks to visual effects. Local distributors buying the rights to dub English, Chinese and other language films for anywhere between Rs 4 lakh to Rs 4 crore, according to the hype around the movie.
In fact, after the resounding success of 2012 Yugantham, there is a mad rush among film distributors to purchase the Telugu dubbing rights of all major Hollywood films. New Moon of the Twilight series published as Amavasya and Avatar is too slated for release in Telugu with the same name. Tagore Madhu Geetha from distributors of the film, which has bought the dubbing rights for Avatar says that big-budget English are big business here as movie buffs enjoy the local delights both the eye and the greatness of these films. “We publish Avatar in Telugu in about 125 theaters across the state. James Cameroon has spent about Rs 2.400 crore on this film, whereas here the most expensive film remains Magadheera made with Rs 40 crore. Telugu films can not offer such special effects. I’m sure we’ll make a profit in less than a week. ”

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