Genelia rushes to see Ken Ghosh after midnight mass

MUMBAI - Director Ken Ghosh says that Genelia D’Souza, who plays female lead in his forthcoming film “Chance Pe Dance”, came to meet him post midnight mass on Christmas to see the final cut of the movie.

At midnight on Thursday Ghosh finished editing and post-production of “Chance Pe Dance” and was feeling like sharing the moment with his lead pair. The film’s lead actor Shahid Kapoor was unavailable. On an impulse he called up Genelia.

“And guess what? She agreed to come down to Pixion in Bandra where I was editing straight from midnight mass which was in a church nearby. I never thought she’d do this, what with Christmas being an important day in her home. But she did,” Ghosh told IANS.

“But then Genelia has been hands-on with this project, almost like a part of the production team.

“Even I was supposed to be back home with my wife and kids for Christmas, opening gifts. But since it was the final day of post-production, I had no way of avoiding work even on Christmas. I really wanted to share that moment with my actors,” said Ghosh.

Genelia’s enthusiasm for the editing and post-production of “Chance Pe Dance” was due to her proximity to the project in more ways than one.

“Genelia lives down the road from Pixion where we edited ‘Chance Pe Dance’. And her gym is in the same building as Pixion. So throughout the editing and post-production Genelia has been dropping in. But on Christmas night she outdid herself,” said the director.

“Before she left, she gave me the best Christmas gift ever. A big hug. Throughout the shooting of ‘Chance Pe Dance’ she has been our sunshine girl. So much so that when she wasn’t on the sets all of us would actually get depressed and perk up the minute she came back,” he said.

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