First Telugu Cinema Dream Girl, Jamuna

She never wished to go on to the screen, but she had. Similar was her passion towards politics, however she was invited into politics. About the celluloid industry and about the political parties, irrespective to her candidature, she daringly condemns every wrong doer. Her ideology right from the beginning was very straight, unchangeable. In others view that nature is adamant, strong headed and proud ness.

She had the catwalks of those days, if she featured in a film that celebrated 100 days celebration. She was a replica for classic action.

Jamuna, the foremost Glamour Star in Telugu cinema industry, gives out very straight, sharp and blunt comments on cinema and political arenas to the extent she had acted and played on.

According to her, the present cinema has forgotten to portray what an Indian woman looks like. Classical Indian woman respected globally is being projected and screened in a shameful vamp role, she regrets. For walking out of the Congress party into Bharatiya Janata Party, the reason she has in her is that the former party had lost its basis essence of functioning and morale.

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