Asoka - the box office Dud

According to Film Information, a Bollywood trade journal, Asoka's collections went down from 100% in the first in Mumbai to about 60 - 65 per cent on the 4th day. Delhi was worse, with collections dropping from 90 per cent on Day one to just 35% on Day 4. In Jaipur, it was down from 65 - 70 percent on the first day to mere 20 per cent on the fourth day. The saving grace has been that the film was sold at a very low price to the distributors - only Rs. 1 crore per territory, about half a price a Shahrukh starrer normally commands. So, while the distributors might just scrape through, producers will have to bear considerable losses. The story repeats itself in abroad too. In UK, 1,50,000 pounds were spent on publicity. The film was released in record number of 84 cinemas and grossed 2,35,000 pounds in four days of its release, ending Number 9 in UK Top 10. Its first weekend collections across 67 screens in Northern America amounted to $3,37,464, much less compared to Hum Saat Saat Hain ($6,51,575) and Taal ($5,91,289).

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