Amaravathi Telugu Movie Review

Cast:Bhoomika, Sneha, Ravibabu, Gadde Sindhura, Tarakaratna and others.
Action: Kanal Kannan-Satish.
Cinematography: N. Sudhakar Reddy.
Dialogues: Ravibabu-Nivas.
Editing: Marthand K. Venkatesh.
Music: Shekar Chandra.
Screenplay: Satyanand.
Executive Producer: Anne Ravi.
Producer: Ananda Prasad.
Writer & Director: Ravibabu.

The Review

Allari Ravi Babu comes up with another thriller. Amarathi is not an excellent but on the whole it’s an average film like Ravi Babu’s earlier thriller Anasuya. Defiantly Amaravathi is not for every one. To its genre it fulfills everything expect the comedy touch that Ravi Babu tried to give in. The suspense is sustained till the end and so the film is thrilling. The plot is interesting. The weakness is the first half of the film. The film is boring and dragged in the first half. Even the second half also starts with a dull note and latter it takes some interesting turns and it hooks audience slowly. Sneha and Bhumika are there in the story for nothing. May be they are used for the publicity and openings and so Sindhura Gadde. Other than a kissing scene wit Sneha, the two ladies offer nothing. Overall the film is okay. The fate of the film depends on how the audience receives this thriller from Ravi Babu.


Special Task Force officer Venkat (Ravi Babu) comes across a strange case- Nine months old pregnant women are attacked and the child in their womb snatched away by an unidentified person. Nine bleeding women are rushed in 108 to a hospital one after the other in series. Venkat is asked to solve the mystery. Venkat finally manages to learn that the maniac is a guy is Seenu (Tarakrathna). And he also learns that the next victim is none other than is wife( Sneha). Why is Seenu doing that? Who is Amaravathi? How will Venkat solves the mystery is all about the rest of the film.

Artistic Performance

Tarakarathna plays a negative role. He justified the role. He came out with an ease and matured performance. But most of the film he is shown wearing mask. Though his face expressions are not visible in the mask, he has shown ease and mature performance in his body language. Allari Ravi Babu justified his role as a Task Force officer . Besides that he gets good accolades for the romantic scene with Sneha. As Amaravathi, Bhumika justified her role. All others justified their roles.

Technical Performances

The plot of the film is something new and thrilling to the Telugu audience. Ravi Babu came up with a different suspense thriller. But it is in the screenplay he looses the grip. Mainly because he is trying to add the commercial elements like comedy, action etc.. which are weakling the suspense plot. Ravi Babu also executed all the scenes neatly. The cinematography is excellent. The shots are really thrilling and so the lighting. The background score and the sound effects are the other highlights. The editing is okay. All other departments justified their roles.

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