Sekhar Kammula’s “Leader” Lands in yet another Controversy

No doubt that the title “Leader” sounds to be a powerful one, but the rule says that one cannot use the title already given to another. Hence, AVM Production House is forced to rename its upcoming Sekhar Kammula directed “Leader as “AVM Vari Leader” following the direction of the Film Chamber.

Now, the film has landed in yet another controversy. This time the objection is raised by the Censor Board pointing at the audio tapes used in the film trailers. It opined that the voices heard in film (promotion) trailer were taken from the conversations of the real-life MLAs that happened in the State Legislative Assembly, and directed the film makers to remove them.

It seems that Sekhar Kammula, the director of the film, attempted to bring naturality to the film by using such tapes, but the Censor Board may not let that happen.

To remind, “Leader” stars debutant Rana, grandson of legendary Rama Naidu. With lot of expectations, the film is expected for release on 24 December.

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