itanic Director James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ in Telugu

For about 12 years, James Cameron, one of the highly respected directors of Hollywood, who has to his credit great movies like ‘Aliens,’ ‘Terminator 2’ and ‘Titanic,’ hasn’t made a full length movie. His last film ‘Titanic,’ released in the year 1997, is still the highest grosser in the history of Movie Business. The film, which was a massive hit all over the world, collected a total of $1.8 billion. In India, the film, though a non-Indian make (Hollywood film), ran from 50 to 100 days even in small towns. And to talk about the performance of the film in our capital city, Hyderabad, it successfully completed 365-day run in the old Sai Kishore Theatre (Narayanguda).

James Cameron, the director with such a high profile, after a long, long gap, is coming with yet another wonderful Audio-Visual Master Piece ‘Avatar.’ It is a 3-D science fiction epic scheduled for release worldwide on 18 December by 20th Century Fox.

'Avatar' (Sanskrit term) means incarnation of the God. It may be in a human form or an animal or a half-human and half-animal. The film produced by Lightstorm Entertainments is based on a war on a very distant planet, Pandora, between the Na'vi, the natives of Pandora and humans for existence and planet’s resources. According to James Cameron, the film is a blend of live action and computer generated elements in the ratio 40:60. Made with a whopping budget of about $230 million, ‘Avatar’ is said to be the costliest film ever produced.

The film will be released in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D formats. This big film is also being released in Telugu. Tagore Madhu acquired movie rights for Telugu screening.

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