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Introduced with ''Happy Days'' Sonia made her first bow as an actress and widely acclaimed for the enacting the role Shravs. Her next endeavor was as a heroine with Krishnudu playing the lead in the film ''Vinayakudu'' directed by Saikiran Adivi. The film is presented by Premkumar Patra on Prem Movies banner produced by Smt Saritha Patra. This is Sonia''s first venture as the heroine after being among the cast group in her previous flick.

Shooting of ''Vinayakudu'' is completed and is getting ready to be released soon. On this occasion had a chit chat with Soni. Here it is for you…

How did you get the opportunity in 'Vinayakudu'

I went abroad after completing 'Happy Days' in Shekhar Kammula's direction. When I was back Sai Kiran narrated me the script of 'Vinayakudu', and offered me the main lead role. I was impressed by the script and expressed my consent to do the film.

What is it that you liked in the subject of Vinayakudu?

Firstly I was in love with the character that was offered to me, it is neat through out and is a role that lingers in your heart for long. This is the reason that made me accept to enact this role. Secondly I liked the script immensely, I would have watched it in the theatre, even if someone else have done the role in this film.

Tell us about your character in Vinayakudu

It is one of a dominating and sensitive girl's role. It is more of a matured role compared to mine in 'Happy Days'. The character dominating yet is soft and sensitive will stir a good feel for the spectators.

Are there any similarities to your role as Sravs in 'Happy Days'

This as I told you is a dominating and sensitive character which displays anger also, unlike mine in 'Happy Days' which is only dominating. Other than that, this are in no way similar to the one I played erstwhile.

Who is playing the title role (Vinayakudu)?

Krishnudu is playing the title role in this film. He is calm natured and has done his work in a very cute manner. Even the dialogues that pose a punch was delivered very salient by him.

How does Vinayakudu feel like?

The fun of seeing it with your very own eyes will be lost in the sequence, if I explain how it is rendered. One should definitely watch it in the theatres if they are curious about the way it is presented.

How is the music in Vinayakudu?

It is soft and melodious. To be more specific they are all good to enjoy during a long-drive.

Did you find any difference in the subject, comparing when it was initially narrated by Saikiran and then when you watched it on screen?

I liked the subject a lot when Saikiran narrated it to me. Now the shooting is completed and the dubbing part is in the finishing stage. I feel what ever he narrated to me, has been neatly presented on screen. I am sure this will be a successful venture.

What kind of a movie is Vinayakudu?

This is a romantic comedy entertainer. It will entertain adults and children alike who will also enjoy the humor in this film.

Your next commitments

I am looking forward to good movies post 'Vinayakudu'. The roles which I am capable of doing, and that which are serene and feel-good are the genre which I am looking forward to do in the near future.

Can you be more specific about what kind of roles you would like to do

I am now at the beginning of my career. At this point of time I feel that, the character I work for should be such that, the role should linger in the minds of the audiences even after the end of the movie. It should evoke comments that I have portrayed the role well. So, my present aim is to achieve such a position.

How did you celebrate the Vinayaka Chavithi this time.

The same way as any Hindu would celebrate it.

Did you had the ambition to become an actress

This has happened accidentally, and I didn't reach this point with any prerequisite plans. When director Shekhar Kammula was conducting the audition tests, I participated with an easy going attitude just for the sake of fun. I never expected myself to become an artist.

How is the support from your family?

Members of my family and friends encouraged me in my new venture. They also gave me few suggestions on my career and the type of films I act. However, I did only what I felt like doing. They all believe that once I make up my mind and select to do something I will do it with perfection.

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