Arya 2 Audio Review

Film: Arya 2
Rating: 3.5/5
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics: Chandrabose, Vanamali and Kedarnath
Director: Sukumar
Producers: Dil Raju and Aditya Babu

The film ‘Arya 2’ is gearing up to hit the screens soon and meanwhile, the audio release happened recently. Few songs were already leaked on the net few months back but here is the formal review of how the songs are.

Ringa Ringa
This is the highlight song of the album and it has already created a magic in the chartbusters. The lyricist for this is Chandrabose and the singer for this is Priya Hemesh. Music has been composed by Devisri Prasad and it is a typical mass beat number with excellent vocals and background chorus. A good mix of lyrics, music and vocals, the song is worthy to take the CD. The song would be the most popular one if the movie also becomes a hit. But there are some lines in the lyrics those appear to have crossed the border of decency.

He Loves U So Much
This is another interesting song in the album and the first feel of it reminds you of the song ‘vaalu kalla vayyari…’ from the movie ‘Mass’. The beat has been set by Devisri like that and eventually it takes a melody turn. He has also provided the vocals and the words have been well woven by the lyricist Chandrabose. This is more of a melody number and the flute plays a key role in this. The flavor of romance is good in this.

Mr Perfect
A fast beat number and this time; one can see the feel of the movie ‘Jalsa’. Kedarnath has given the lyrics and his combo of English words with Telugu is alright. This is more of a rap duo and the major vocals were given by Baba Sehgal while Rita Ganguly provided the female vocals. The beat is quite moderate and there is not much energy in this one. Devisri has given a constant beat and changed the upper tunes with folk and western beats.

My Love Is Gone
A fast beat number, this is more of a techno number and it has got a good mix of beats and vocals. The dance flavor is high in this one and it will go well with the youth. The lyricist for this is Chandrabose and he has used simple words that will appeal. Ranjith has given high energy to the vocals and Devisri as usual gave the western touch to it.

Karige Loga
This is an emotional number and though the song is fast paced, the lyrics by Vanamali have embedded well with the tune. There is a flavor of melody given by Devisri in this and the duet has been rendered by the duo of Kunal and Megha. Megha in particular has given a new feel to the vocals and it really had a tender touch. This is more for those who are in love. But others find it hard to enjoy this song. It will not haunt much anyway.

An average number, the lyrics have been penned by Balaji and Kay Kay has given the vocals for this. Devisri has given a constant background score again and used guitar to a great extent. The impact of this song will depend on how it has been picturised and otherwise, it will be a regular number in the album.

Mr. Perfect (DSP Mix)

This is the trademark song of Devisri just as he does with almost every album he composes. A remix song, the lyrics have been given by Kedarnath and Devisri has rendered his voice for the song. The energy is high in this one and unlike the rap feel in the original, this is more of a regular pace and DSP has given his effects.

Overall, the album has got all trendy songs and there are no slow numbers. Two songs (‘Ringa Ringa’ and ‘He loves you so much’) are absolutely brilliant in terms of composition, lyrics and vocals and they make buying the CD worth. The youth audience will be able to relate to this very well and since the audio is already causing a positive feel, the expectations on the film are high as well.

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