Billa Telugu Movie Review

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Music: Mani Sharma
Cinematography: Soundararajan
Director: Meher Ramesh
Producer: Narendra, Prabodh

Cast: Prabhas, Anushka, Namitha, Rehman, Krishnamraju, Supreeth, Kelly
Dorjee, Hansika Motwani, Subbaraju, Ali, Jayasudha etc


Set in Malaysia, ACP Krishnamurthy (Krishnamraju) is keen on catching the one and only Billa (Prabhas), the international criminal. Billa keeps escaping each time the cops try to catch him and he is flanked by his gang of girlfriend Lisa (Namitha), henchmen Ranjith (Supreeth) and Vijay (Subbaraju). In their gang joins Maya (Anushka) who is the sister of Vijay and she comes to kill Billa since he has killed Vijay during an incident. Meanwhile, Krishnamurthy finally manages to corner Billa and in the shootout, Billa dies in his hands. In order to know the major deal that Billa has with Rashid Khan (Kelly), Krishnamurthy looks for an idea and he finds Ranga. Ranga (Prabhas) is a petty thief who lives at Vizag and makes his earnings to take care of the two kids. He dreams of having big cars and men following him, he resembles Billa exactly. Krishnamurthy manages to convince Ranga to take up the place of Billa and takes him to Malaysia. Their plan is partly successful but in between, Krishnamurthy gets killed and this lands Ranga in trouble. How does he manage to come out of all that forms the rest of the story.

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